A First Tantric Experience

21st December 2022

I’d never had a tantric massage before, this is my account of my first experience.

I’ll start by introducing myself: I am Deb and I write some of the blog posts for Tantricity. I thought one of the best places to start writing a post about tantric massage was to actually experience it for myself.  So yes I am a complete newbie.

The team booked me the lovely Francesca, who offered incall at her apartment in South Kensington. The building itself, as with most buildings around Chelsea and Kensington was very sumptuous looking with large bay windows. Francesca greeted me at the door. She was a very stunning and blonde young lady in a silk robe. I couldn’t pinpoint her accent, only that she was Eastern European. One of my favourites.

The Actual Tantric Experience

After a little consultation and a shower, I was asked to undress and lie face down on the bed. The room itself was tranquil with relaxing music playing on a tablet and scented candles. Not Yankee candles that are overpowering, but a subtle calming scent that added to the relaxing and safe atmosphere.

Francesca started applying massage oil to my back, buttocks and legs. She began massaging my whole body, but where a normal massage would hone in on my tight shoulders and getting out the knots, this was more subtle and felt almost like a body worship. The focus very gradually came down to my thighs and the odd touch of the genitals. And this was by no means intrusive it was gentle, caressing and felt amazing.

Francesca had to straddle me at this point and the massage involved more touching and caressing of the labia. The sensuality of this alone got me thinking there was going to be an orgasm right there and then. I remember thinking “was this appropriate to have the Big O this early on – what if that’s it?” but the climatic experience dissolved into nothing but euphoria.

I was so relaxed at this point and the subtlety and caress of my entire body twinned with the relaxing atmosphere of the room built me up to the second mini orgasm. This one I did exhale sharply. Francesca had great intuition and knew what was happening.

I was then told to lie on my back and the ultimate caress of my breasts belly and thighs was exquisite. After then the ultimate focus was on my labia and clit. But this wasn’t the quick impatient fingers of a partner trying to get you off or a quick strum late at night. It was precise but subtle.

The O Moment

And then I came. It was like nothing else I have ever experienced. I really thought that the neighbours would complain (I have been known to be loud in my normal delivery), but the sound out of my mouth was a gentle “Ooo”. It also lasted about a minute but it was intense but felt heavenly. The final strokes were focused more on my body and added to the entire relaxing experience of the massage.

I was invited to shower again because of the oil on my skin, but the alternative was a towel to wipe the excess oil off. I took that option.


Overall, it was an out of this world experience and I learned a lot about my own needs in this time. I am definitely coming back again and Francesca has also said that she would welcome me back anytime.

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