Happy Ending Massage: Your Questions Answered

22nd June 2023

Happy Ending Massage
Happy Ending Massage. The lowdown

Nearly every time I explain what a tantric massage is, one of the most common questions or offhand comment is:  “Is that a happy ending massage?”

Tantric massage can be a deeply relaxing and sensual experience.  It incorporates various techniques to awaken and channel sexual energy throughout the body. The intention behind it is typically to promote healing and balance.  It also promotes heightened sense of awareness rather than solely aiming for sexual release.

So we are focussing on this often taboo subject and answer the most common questions we get asked.

What is a Happy ending massage?

I’d love to say here that the Monster gets defeated, the prince falls in love with the princess and they all have a nice massage on a beach somewhere.  But this is the wrong website.  Wikipedia is no better at explaining it either.

A happy ending massage involves the masseuse providing sexual stimulation to the client to achieve orgasm. But as this is twinned with a tantric massage, various massage techniques are incorporated.  This awakens and channels sexual energy throughout your body. Put simply, it’s not a rub and tug experience.

Am I guaranteed a happy ending with my massage?

That is entirely up to you. A massage such as the Yoni or Lingam (where the genitalia is worshipped), a happy ending is likely.  But this is massage performed in a safe environment.  If you are comfortable to do so, then orgasm away.

How do I get a happy ending massage?

It always helps to have this conversation with your masseuse prior to starting. Communicate your expectations and boundaries clearly with your massage therapist before the session. This ensures that you are both on the same page and prevents any embarrassing situations!

Do I pay extra for a happy ending?

This is the difference between a tantric massage and anything an illegal establishment has to offer. If a happy ending happens then that’s great.  No its not extra, but we always welcome tipping your masseuse for the way she’s made you feel.

What if I do not want a happy ending?

Not everyone wants the happy ending: Some customers just want a safe, secure environment to explore their own sexuality. This is perfectly fine.  But depending on your preference, communication is key.  You need to let your masseuse know beforehand so she can focus on this.

Is a happy ending therapeutic?

Speaking from personal experience (See this post), the short answer is ohhhh yes. It is unhurried, unforced and after the serene experience of a massage, gives you an experience that is hard to beat in the real world.

Whatever your preference of happy ending or just a tantalising experience, book your massage with Tantricity London today.

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