Can Tantric Massage Make you a Better Person?

26th July 2023

Does Tantric Massage make you a better person

We all want to strive to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. Whether we jog for miles at a time, go to a yoga retreat, or only drink alcohol at weekends. But did you know that regular tantric massage can contribute you feeling at your best both physically and emotionally?

It De-Stresses the mind

All work and no play can make you a dull person. Even more so, the anxieties of our busy life can burn us out, depress us, raise our blood pressure, and so on. Regular tantric massage combines deep breathing, mindfulness, touch and eye contact will remove any blockages.  Whether they are physical, sexual, energetic, emotional, and mental. It will also banish anxiety, encourage good sleep and restore vitality, stamina and vigour.

The end result: A happier and less stressed version of you will perform better at work and home.

It Improves your Mental Health

If you are a regular sufferer with mental health issues, then meet Dopamine and Oxytocin. Dopamine is a pleasure hormone and Oxytocin is a happiness hormone.  Both are released from physical touch from another person or a massage. This loving contact gets both of these hormones flowing through your body. What’s more, human touch is a great antidote for anxiety (come on, who doesn’t love a cuddle?).  This thwarts off depression and anxiety and makes you feel more relaxed and happier.

It Improves your Physical Being

Tantric massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which drains away toxins.  It also improves circulation, which gives your skin a nice glow. Additional benefits include  reducing tension, easing muscle pain and connective tissue discomfort.  These all contribute to a better physical appearance.

It Helps you Understand your own Body

But the difference isn’t just physical: Men and women who have issues with touch and sexual expression notice a marked improvement after regular tantric massage. Any tantric massage is based on human touch. The increase in sexual mindfulness teaches you more about your own reactions and body sensations. The regular process of undressing, sexual mindfulness and the exhilaration of giving up the control of your body to another leads you to better sexual pleasure and better relationships.

It Improves your Confidence

If understanding your own body wasn’t enough then how about a massive self-esteem boost? Problems that make us think less of ourselves and abilities, such as premature ejaculation and other sexual issues can be brought under control with mindfulness and relaxation. But confidence in the bedroom is the beginning! In turn, your self-esteem will lead to other aspects of your life.


There are many reasons why regular tantric sessions can help you perform optimally on a physical and emotional level. So what are you waiting for? Book an incall or outcall massage at tantricity London today.



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