Beyond Clothing: The Healing Touch of Naturist Massage

15th January 2024

Naked Bliss: Discovering the Power of Naturist Massage

A lot of tantric massages do involve nudity. The two most obvious being Body to body (which is part of the experience) and Nuru (which might get a bit messy!).

Naturist massage has quite a rich history which spans many cultures and civilisations. Ancient civilisations in Egypt, China, Greece and Rome practiced massage, often performed without clothing and not necessarily taboo.

The concept of naturism, emphasises a return to nature and belief in the benefits of nudity for health and wellbeing.

This concept gained traction in the late 19th and early 20th century. The idea of combining massage therapy with naturism likely evolved as part of this movement over time. It embraces the belief that removing clothing during a massage gives a sense of freedom.

Here are a few more benefits:

1. Increased comfort and relaxation.  Being ‘au natural’ and not hiding behind clothing can help some people feel more relaxed and comfortable during a massage. No clothes allow for better skin to skin contact, adding to the greatest massage experience.

2. Improved body awareness. Being naked increases body awareness. This helps us as individuals become more in tune with our bodies, which helps relaxation and potentially reduces self-consciousness. Even better if your masseuse is naked as well!

3. Enhanced Senses. No clothes give a more direct sensory experience during any massage. This allows for a fuller sense of touch, which some find enhances the overall therapeutic wffect of a massage.

4. Reduced Tension. A naked massage can also reduce physical restrictions and tension. This enables the masseuse to give you more effective massage techniques which alleviates more muscle tension and stress.

5. Body acceptance and confidence. As Gok Wan emphasised to many a body conscious person in How to Look Good Naked, a naked massage helps individuals embrace their bodies in a non-judgemental environment. This has the potential to increase self-esteeem.

6. Deeper Connection. By sharing the vulnerability of being naked, this in turn can lead to a deeper sense of connection and trust between both the masseuse and the person receiving a massage. That is always a welcome addition to any massage experience.

But a naturist massage isn’t for everyone

Not everyone feels comfortable naked. In fact some people feel great anxiety, discomfort or self-consciousness. Some people also have boundaries associated with stigmas in society, or feel too cold or too hot. These alone could ruin any massage experience.

This is why communication with your masseuse is key. Discuss any concerns or discomfort with your masseuse. Your masseuse can set the environment to make you feel comfortable and respect any boundaries.

To conclude, a naturist massage has many benefits, but may not be for everyone. Our tantricity masseuses are both experienced and professional and will do their best to give you a naturist massage experience where you can feel comfortable, safe and respected.

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