Couples Massage: One or two therapists?

31st March 2024

Couples Massage: One or Two Masseuses?

One of the most ultimate erotic experiences you can experience with your partner is a tantric couples massage. Whether you are looking to enhance your intimacy together, have a deeper, more spiritual conenction or simply to want to inject a bit of excitement and novelty into your relationship.

We have touched on Couples Tantric Massage here. But if you are lucky enough to have a partner as open-minded as you are, what is the better option: One therapist or two? Here we explore both options.

One Massage therapist is good

Just having the one therapist can give you a better focus on Unity. As the one therapist has to guide both partners simultaneously, this gives a more synchronised and connected experience.

From an intimacy perspective, some couples feel more comfortable with the solo masseuse. This gives a better sense of intimacy and trust between both partners and thir therapist.

Also everyone’s needs are different. What satisfied you might not necessarily be your partners thing. With the one therapist, both partners can receive personalised attention and have those all-vital adjustments tailored to their individial needs and comfort level.

One therapist would also be good if you are into voyeurism. Watching your partner being aroused by tantric massage and receiving the same caresses and strokes that you is very erotic. It also enables you to learn the new skills that work in pleasuring your partner so you can explore them in the bedroom.

But on the other hand, two is great

Where one therapist sounds great, two would give you a more balanced experience. This means that you both get equal attention and care, which should eliminate any feelings of neglect or imbalance (remember this is a therapy).

It also enables you both to have the individualised attention that you crave. If you both have tension areas and preferences, your therapist can cater to this.

There is also the comfort level aspect. Some couples prefer having a therapist of the same gender present. So two therapists can easily accommodate for this preference.

And if that all wasn’t enough, where one therapist will use a variety of techniques and strokes, two will widen this range dramatically. These being incorporated into your massage simultaneously makes for a very dynamic massage experience.

Conclusion:  What is best for Couple’s Massage?

There are different benefits to the number of therapists contributing to your tantric couples massage. One therapist would focus more on the erotic experience between you both. Two would be more beneficial if your main purpose is more based on stress relief and massage therapy.

As with any tantric experience, communication is key, here are a few other tips .

Both one thereapist or two therapists options are available via Tantricity London for both incall or outcall. Book your Couples’ massage today.

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