Delectable 4 Hand Massage therapy in London

A full body massage is already a luxurious experience so why not double the hands for the ultimate out of this world pleasure.

A four handed massage is like having 2 full body massages at the same time. Two Tantricity treasures of your choice will use your body a form of canvas and harmoniously synchronise their slow, deliberate moves of varying paces and pressures.

As our two masseuses’ movements seamlessly intertwine, it becomes harder to identify which hand belongs to which therapist and which direction it will move next. After a short while, your conscious will give up this natural inclination, enabling your mind to enter a deeper state of relaxation: This is where the synergy of a 4 hand massage starts to deliver.

This is an effective treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go.

Double the relaxation, double the pleasure.

Click here to view for Tantricity’s 4 hand massage massage rates.

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