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Foot Worship Massage

Foot Worship Massage

Everyone has at least one thing that makes them tick. Feet aren’t on the top of everyone’s list, but they are considered the most fetishised body part (except the genitals).

According to an article in Men’s Health Magazine,  18% of heterosexual men and 11% of lesbian or bisexual women have fantasised about feet at least once.

Foot worship or Podophilia, can take on many forms: From kissing, massaging or caressing feet to the more extreme side of trampling and worshipping stinky feet. Some like foot that is adorned with jewellery, hidden in socks or high heels or just the “au naturel” foot.

Regardless the often overlooked foot is covered in nerve endings which give off more intense sensations.

If foot worship floats your boat, then book a foot fetish massage from Tantricity London for the ultimate sensual experience.

So what happens during a foot worship massage?

Our Masseuse will speak to you before your appointment so she can know how you like her feet: In high heels, stockings, socks or tights, or  the raw foot. Just before the appointment, she will spend some time getting to know you to relax you.

Before the massage, you will need to shower and then move onto the bed lying on your back. Your masseuse will apply warm massage oil to your body. She will then gently begin to massage your entire naked body with her feet and toes.

She will begin by massaging your chest, stomach and arms. Slowly she will build up to the thighs and your more intimate areas. For the ultimate foot worshipper, she can even stop so you can lick her toes and feet.

A Foot worship massage isn’t necessarily a happy ending massage. It will however, give you an enormous sense of euphoria both during and after this sensual experience.

Book your foot massage with Tantricity today by clicking here.

Tantric Massage: What it is and what it isn’t

tantric massage tantricity

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tantra_massageIn brief terms, a tantric massage is a style of massage that involves massaging and stimulating the entire body including the erogenous areas such as the penis or vulva.

Derived on the basic principles of Tantra, which dates as far back as 300 AD when texts were first recorded from Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

According to Wikipedia, Tantric massage in the Western world was developed as a massage in 1977 at the first Tantra Institute, in Germany.

Although a massage does involve a form of intimacy, it is more of a spiritual experience. The various tehniques used include elements of yoga, bioenergetics and sexual therapy.

Of course there are great benefits to receiving a tantric massage:

No Pressure

As a whole, a tantric massage is a sensual experience which comes without any expectations. This is ideal for people with relationship or sexual issues, such as erectile dysfunction or difficulty engaging in traditional sex.

Encourages Mindfulness

A good masseur can enable you to be more in tune with your own body. Based on touch and sensation, it is the receiver’s duty to surrender to the rediscovery of senses, feelings and emotions. This in turn results in deep relaxation, and great wellbeing.

Improves confidence

For issues such as low self-esteem or difficulty with sexual expression or touch, definitely get a tantric massage! A masseur provides a safe environment for their client to bring certain issues under control with deep breathing and sensual massage. Regular massage can give you the confidence to control these issues,which in turn boosts your self-esteem. Once your self-esteem improves, there will be no stopping you.

Reduces Stress

Who doesn’t feel better after a hug or touch of any kind? This is because touch is a great stress reliever and releases happy hormones. Regular tantric massage encourages sleep, and fights insomnia, depression and other anxieties and stresses we face daily.

Its suitable for everyone

Tantric isn’t just limited to men: Yes, Lingam massage is based around the penis, but there is Yoni massage for women that focuses on and around the vulva, or massage for couples, enabling them to build a deeper connection with each other.

What Tantric Massage isn’t

Although tantric massage is a sensual massage and based around the erogenous areas of the body, it doesn’t involve sexual interaction. Neotantra or Navatantra is more exploratory around sex.

Tantricity is based around the tantra discipline, not Neotantra/Navatantra. If you would like to make a booking with us, then please contact us today.

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