Couples Tantric Massage

If you’re looking to take your relationship to a new level, connect with your partner on a deeper level or simply want to try a new adventurous experience together, then book a couples massage from Tantricity.

For couples who want to try new exciting things but are at the same time sceptical, Tantricity offers a safe haven for couples to explore this unique erotic experience.

To experience the same tantric touches and caresses as your partner will enable you to intimately connect on another level. If preferred, you can also play voyeur and watch your partner receiving seductive massages and caresses and vice versa.

Our masseuses are skilled in working with both male and female sensual energies. Her focus will be on honouring the union between you both, using her tantric touch to harmonise your mind, body and spirit.

If you are a bit nervous to start with, she will gently and intuitively guide you both through this new adventure.

Click here to view Tantricity’s Couple Massage Pricing.

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