Relaxing Male Massage Experience In London

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and pleasure with a transformative Lingam massage.

The term lingam derives from the Sanskrit word for penis. In Tantric philosophy, the Lingam is viewed with the utmost respect and affection, as it is believed to hold a significant amount of sexual energy.

The lingam massage experience does focus on the penis as well as the testicles, perineum and prostate. But don’t be fooled:  This is not an experience where the client is rushed to a state of climax. 

Instead, a lingam massage is a type of tantric meditation that helps the receiver reach a trance-like state. This combines feelings of wellbeing and deep relaxation, helping the receiver let go of pent-up stress related to relationship or self-esteem issues, including those related to sexuality.

A lingam massage is an  effective way to move the energy in your body.  This enables healing, pleasure, spirituality and mindfulness.

All of our therapists have a very spiritual, affectionate and tantric style. Additionally, their sole intention is to give you a safe and respectful environment, similar to the same natural state as you would feel with a loved one.

You are encouraged to set an intention with your masseuse before starting your session. This further enhances the positive experience and allows you both to enjoy the whole experience.

To begin with, your treatment will start with a relaxing and caressing full body Tantric Oil Massage.  Gradually, our masseuse will focus more on around around your more sacred area.  This in turn will give you many sensations as well as prolonged waves of sheer pleasure.

Benefits of a Lingam massage

  • Promote full body healing
  • Helps heal from past trauma
  • Alignment with spiritual and sexual self
  • Relieves stress throughout the body
  • Increased libido
  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases
  • Improves sexual stamina / sexual experiences
  • Explores spirituality and mindfulness
  • Helps build intimacy with your partner

Totally surrender yourself to the pleasure of a lingam massage experience from Tantricity London.

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