Slippery Nuru Massage in London

The Nuru massage originated in Japan.  The word ‘Nuru’ means smooth/slippery in Japanese so this makes perfect sense when it comes to this fun, enjoyable and incredibly sensual massage experience.

This massage uses full body contact as a way to both relax the body and to stimulate the senses.  It is an erotic massage style between two people that is intensely sensual. 

The Nuru massage is performed when both you and your masseuse are completely naked.  The experience and tactility are enhanced greatly by using an ultra slippery massage gel.

The massage gel used doesn’t smell or stain, but leaves your skin soft and with a supple feel unlike any you have ever felt before.

Once you and your masseuse are completely covered in gel, she will use every sensual curve and mound of her body to touch, caress and slide across your body, both relaxing and stimulating you.

A Nuru massage is a sensual and pleasurable experience.  Book yours today.

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