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Soapy Massage Experience

Soapy Massage Experience

One of the tantric massages we offer is the soapy experience.

Sometimes known as an Aqua massage (not to be confused with the hydrotherapy machine of the same name), our soapy experience comprises of a soapy bubble bath followed by a naked body to body massage.

This sensual art form originated in Thailand and has found its way to the western world. It is a particularly popular massage across Europe.

The soapy massage, a sensual and fulfilling experience is ideal for mind, spirit and body.

It’s other benefits include:

  • Better Sleep
  • Reducing Stress, tension and more psychological issues such as depression and anxiety.
  • Great way to deal with problems such as premature ejaculation without the need for medication
  • Gives a better deeper connection with partners.
  • Great for skin tone and ideal to relieve issues with muscles and knots

Your masseuse will starting by running you a warm sensual bath and light some sensual candles to heighten your senses and to begin the relaxation.

She will then cleanse you in warm soapy suds while you relax, breathing in the sensual scents.

After your rejuvenating bathing ritual, your masseuse will gently towel dry you. you will then be lead to a private room for a long, luxurious naked body to body massage.

The soapy massage experience is available from several of our Tantricity treasures on outcall across London or incall in selected destinations in Central London.

Contact our receptionist today for availability.

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