The most uplifting yoni massage in London

A popular massage amongst our female clientele, a Yoni Massage is an uplifting and empowering massage performed by our team at Tantricity.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning “divine portal”, but representing the female genitalia. It can be a very healing experience for a woman to receive a yoni massage as the experience is about making the vagina and surrounding areas feel loved and worshipped.

There can be lots of negative emotions attached to genitalia including shame and sexual trauma. Yoni massage,  performed in a safe haven can support the mental healing process and release many of these emotional connections, instead converting them into the more pleasurable feelings that they truly are.

Our Masseuses are very skilled in this technique and their sole aim is to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the whole experience.

Regular Yoni massages can release your higher energy, unlocking your potential to connect on a higher spiritual level with others.

Call for a massage today and adventure the yoni massage experience further. We are a company run by women and we want to encourage all women to experience such wonderful pleasurable sensations in life.

Click here for Tantricity’s Yoni Massage pricing.

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